That time I experienced the “It’s not me, it’s you!” line..


PS: The line is reversed on purpose, after all that’s the real meaning of it right?

So I’m writing again…

Who would’ve thought that I will have so much stories to bother you guys with every week, not even my biggest fan (Me obviously!), well since I have a day job quite demanding and since I spent the last couple of weeks furniture shopping for my first new place (yeeey!!), and man this thing is so time and energy consuming, I thought maybe I wouldn’t have much time to write…at least for the first months..

Well I was wrong and I guess this whole expat/relocating thing is giving me more things to say than I expected it to … and for once it’s not going to be all happy and positive…well I actually still don’t know how this post is going to end, but I know it will start on a negative thought… and enjoy this one because I don’t get pissed off that often, but something managed to get on every single one of my nerves, so Here goes…

To give you a little bit of background, I have a job where I cover the whole GCC region which is great, because well, you know how much I love airplanes, suitcases (or backpacks… it depends) and airport check points! But this week I’ve been refused a visa to Kuwait for a business trip… TWICE! Of course this is not the first time I get my visa application declined, I’ve even been refused visas to places I was dying to go to and it never affected me as much as it did this time. The visa was refused because quote:” Ministry of Interior does not accept female Moroccan nationality for the application of visit visa.” And that, my friends, hurts.

I’m not going to go through the whole debate about the reasons for this situation which we all know, and on which we can agree or disagree (I’m personally against putting people in categories, putting labels on them and, worse, acting according to those labels). I know, I shouldn’t take it personally, because they didn’t reject ME as a person (even if it kind of felt like they did 😀 ), and I know that if they knew me personally they wouldn’t decline my application (okay Imane go back to earth now), but the fact that it is the first time I’m literally rejected because of my origin or nationality, while I’m just going through my life, doing my thing and minding my own business, kind of made me realize that sometimes (please highlight “sometimes”) the world is not as accessible as we, dreamers, want it to be or as travel quotes say it is.

Well, I knew in the first place that, by coming to this part of the world, I would face all the clichés around Morocco and Moroccan women, that’s why I did my homework and prepared myself psychologically to avoid being pissed off while hearing questions such as: “Is it true that Moroccan women use black magic?”  (True story by the way) to which I had a brilliant answer I have to say! I even prepared myself to make jokes from any weird comment in that area, instead of feeling offended…

What I didn’t expect though, is being deprived of my freedom to travel because of that, since going wherever I want, either for work or just because I feel like it, is one essential freedom I’m intending to keep, for the rest of my life, because it’s a part of me.  It’s not like I never heard it happening to other people, it’s just that, for some reason, I assumed it only happens to others…

So, now what?

Well, nothing actually… It feels better after getting it out of my system, and now I’m probably going to wonder if I should publish this or not (which I will end up doing…)

Alright, this is the most random post I’ve ever wrote, I’m out of here 😀

Cheers to the places we are allowed to will go to!

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