First month in the UAE, or that time I became one of those hotel guests who never check out…

So, as most of you already know (if not… How dare you not read my blog!), I left Morocco three weeks ago towards a new adventure in the UAE. My journey is almost one month old and I did something which, I realized is a fantasy for many friends I know—living in a hotel room for a whole month!

And that’s why in this first blog post from Dubai, I’m not going to talk about the extremely hot weather (Coming from a Moroccan, extremely hot means “can’t even breathe “hot), or language dilemmas; because choosing to make full sentences in English with locals makes me look like someone who’s not proud of being Arab (well, it’s not 100% untrue though..) And when I try to speak Arabic, I end up mixing Darija with French with classic Arabic (and let’s be honest It still feels weird to speak Syrian or Egyptian Arabic).

But in this post I wanted to talk about something more personal, which is that feeling of never being asked about my room number in the morning at breakfast, because. Well… you’re the girl who lives here… OK, before you go get your tissues, this is not meant to be a sad article, because living in a hotel room has its perceived perks and cons, which by the way are so unrealistic sometimes… and yes you guessed right I’m going to list all of that below, so just keep reading 🙂

  • The biggest perceived good thing about living in a hotel is called “ROOM CLEANING SERVICE”! Written in capital letters, bold and underlined in red…well, the person is obviously not my maid, bur for the messy girl I am, it’s always good to have someone (which I know will disappear as soon as I’ll move to my own place…). That said, and since I’m not a freak about perfect cleanliness I don’t use the service every day, and I like to keep the small amount of privacy I still have in a hotel room,  so I ask the maid to come once every week to vacuum and change the towels, bedding and that kind of stuff..
  • Room service: People always have this dreamy look in their eyes when you say: room service. To be honest, in the past month, I haven’t used room service, not even once. Why? Well have you seen those prices? With the price of a salad I could feed 5 people, OK not me because I think that cooking doesn’t love me (let’s put it that way 😉 ), but the point is room service is way too expensive, so no thank you very much.
  • Having a person at the Front Desk 24/7. This could be awesome because if you have a problem of any kind or if you are having a package delivered, there is someone there. Called for take-out? There’s someone there to answer the delivery guy and direct him to your room.

Now living in hotel room is not all nice and beautiful and it has couple of downsides too..

  • Not having an address for the first time of my life: and feeling kind of homeless for once too (not in the dramatic way), but it feels kind of weird while filling forms and skipping the address case, because you don’t have one…
  • Not being close to friends and family. Yes it is different from going on trips alone, because I solo travel a lot and I love it, but I always used to come back to a place where I belong which is where my family is.

Today at this point, I feel like I’m in between. I still can’t say that I belong here, because I don’t have a home yet, and at the same time I don’t belong to my parents’ home either, since I don’t live there anymore, so If you are one of those people who can’t take on a ‘lone wolf’ mentality, this is probably not the best idea for you.

Cheers to the places we yet have to go to!


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