Here’s to new beginnings!


I’ve got news!

Not the kind of news involving white dresses, or Ammaria*…

I moved out from my parents’ house! It actually took me 27 years, 6 months and a one way ticket out of Casablanca… Oh and by the way, during one of my “why not” moments, I also left Morocco to take a job abroad and live the expat experience in the UAE.

When I shared my decision to move abroad with some of my friends, a common question popped up every time which was “Why?”, I think that this question had two different meanings: sometimes it meant “what is actually taking me abroad” in which case my response would be work. But other times, why implies, “Why would you leave Morocco when your life here is so great?» . It’s always a little confusing when someone asks me that, and I want to respond with, “Well, why not?” and turn on my heels and walk away, but instead of being offended, I just go with the simplest answer I have and the more real one, which is: “my gut. Period. I learned to trust it, and everything in me told me to go for it.” I’m not saying here that it was an easy decision to make, it was actually one of the scariest and most difficult decisions I ever had to make so far… By the way one thing I’ve learned about myself during this whole process is: I HATE making big decisions, not my thing, I don’t want to do it ever again, and I think I’ll hire someone to do it for me the next time I’ll have to!

Well, on paper the move was a no-brainer. Since I have the wanderer syndrome, I’ve always imagined myself living and working abroad and this was my chance, but for some reason I was hesitant. I kept thinking maybe it’s because I didn’t know what to expect from the country itself, or maybe it wasn’t the right time in my life to do it, some people might even say that I am at a stage of my life where I’m supposed to settle down and have a family (hypothetically), instead of leaving everyone and everything behind and taking a job overseas (because well, for some reason people think that you are allowed to take such risk when you’re in your early twenties and not when you’re closer to 30).

I debated it for a long time, I even turned it down, and that’s when it got interesting… Because the day I turned it down I almost had a panic attack, fearing that I was ruining my life by not taking a risk, I was afraid I was turning into that person who wouldn’t take chances because she was so afraid of big changes, and I never want to become that person, ever. The same opportunity presented itself again, and I this time didn’t take more than a day to decide that I was going to go for it, because if you never try you never know (Chris Martin get out of my body!)

Long story short, that’s how I packed pretty much everything I own (which turns out is not that much!), left my home, friends and family to try a new experience in Dubai, where I’m going to experience the best (and probably the worst) , but in both cases I’m sure it will help me grow. One of the best parts is that you guys should expect more me talking about the experiences I’m going to go through and all the places I’m going to visit (I’m few hours away from Asia folks! *Happy dance*), because know..when I have a lot to say, I write a lot!

Cheers to the places we yet have to go!

* Ammaria: the thing where they put Moroccan Brides for a sort of “Parade” kind of thing in Moroccan weddings.

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