Guest Traveller #1: This is how I failed my elevator pitch in Argentina.. By Sara Bilali

4 weeks 4 days , 9 hours 23 min have passed since i landed in Buenos Aires, when i find myself having this conversation in an elevator  with a man in his classy business suit :

– Business man ‘’ Buen Dia ’’

– Me ‘’ Good morning ‘’ ( answering in english to a spanish greeting is the friendliest  way to make people understand you don`t speak that much of Spanish and that you would be so grateful if whatever follows should be in english )

– Business Man ‘’ Oh sorry , i thought you are from here ! ‘’

– Me :  ( in almost all places i ‘ve been to , people take me for a local and it just makes me happy as if it ‘s a sign that i blend in ! ) ‘’ No ‘’ with a big smile’’

– Business man : ‘’ ? where are you from ? ‘’

– Me : ‘’ Morroco ‘’

– Business man : ’’ oh wow …. Are you here for tourism ? ‘’

– Me : ‘’ No , for work ‘’

– Business man :  ‘’ Why Argentina ? ‘’

There was no way of answering that question within the 10 seconds we have spent in that elevator, simply because there were too many reasons for me to choose Argentina :

 #1 Work doesn`t necessarly exclude tourism :

Actually the best way to discover a country , with all its economical , cultural , historical touristical aspects , is to travel for work . In a glimpse of time , you visit places , make friends  ,you understand better the mentality , get familiar with the habits , and with a constant reasonning , get  ‘’how the system works ’’ , that`s something you cannot find in books or read about between the pages of the travelling blogs .


#2 Diversity

Having borders with 5 countries and a large territory is what mostly makes Argentina an attractive country for me , it is a simple hint of how wonderful and diverse landscapes are, without mentionning that living with locals makes it so easier to grab the best adresses in town , best destinations in each appropriate season , In short , tripadvisor will not be at your websites top visits anymore , you only need to listen and compare views and get your mind set on an adventure among the appealing range this country offers

#3 Che , The language !

Castellano , pronouced Casteshano , is the ‘’ spanish of Argentina ‘’. It combines  the spanish from Spain, few twists on the vowels , with a topping of a sweet Italian intonation , all served to please the ear , which makes it less frustrating not being able to understand what people are saying than it would be with other languages while learnig .

#4 Futbòl

Interest for sports is very striking in Argentina , but Futbol is almost a religion here ! Loyal supporters , great audiences , and a fair play game culture are assets making it clear for any futbol fan like me to say that the land of Messi and Maradona should be proud of its football identity .


#5 Argentina is a promising emerging country

Looking at the current international alliances statut, whether on a diplomatical or trade perspective , the trend of seeking partnerships with Developped Countries is fading away. Governments , just like graduates , are looking for hidden opportunities and placing the best of success on the long term : Bling Bling countries are just not fashionable anymore


# 6 Asado

If you are a Vegetarian , Argentina might not be the best culinar destination for you . Meals  do contain vegetables but best recepies are all about the meat. Argentinian barbecue , called Asado ,  is a pure moment of pleasure for meat lovers.

#7 Argentinians are fun and easy going

Having met Argentinos before coming here , my first impression still haven ‘t changed , the way they are cheerful , friendly and always offering help is something that can only make you feel welcomed in their country.

 #8 Tango

The blend of the harmonica in the music ,the chimistry between the dancers and the breathtaking architecture background if you are watching street tango just take you away . Therefore , staying in Argentina becomes a wish for an infinite Milanga 🙂

 picture Tango

Not sure if you can convince a business man this way  , but I ended up doing what anyone not having enough time to elaborate a sophisticated answer (or lie ) would do : be honest.

I like to travel. I heard many nice stories about Argentina so I followed my heart and here I am ‘’


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