Stuff I’m really kind of thankful for in 2014…well besides Robert Downey JR’s smile!


Remember when I told you guys that I’m going to make a series of articles to close the year? Well, turns out the series will only contain two articles and this one is the last one of them (sorry guys I have a job where December is the busiest month of the year…) Anyway, I’m back from a wonderful week end in Marrakech spent with great old and new friends, so I’m really kind of refreshed (and no this post is not going to be about my Real Madrid themed week-end which was AWESOME by the way!).

My point is that I came out of it with a really positive perspective shift (Breaks really are necessary, aren’t they?!) and lately I’m realizing that there are many things in my life I should really be grateful for, but because I spend my days running around keeping myself busy, I don’t take the time to express gratitude. So since my end of 2014 is all about assessment, here is a small gratitude list for last year 🙂

  • The beautiful people in my life. When I look today around at the people in my life, I’m kind of overwhelmed by how beautiful they are! You know, that whole phenomenon that takes place where someone becomes just ridiculously more attractive the more you know them? That’s what’s been happening quite a lot over the past year… and today, I took a moment and realized just how freaking lovely the people in my life are, but that’s of course because I’m a great person too, let’s give credit where credit is due! Family, friends, co-workers…They just make life worth living.
  • The ability to try to be and live adventurously. the other day, I was just wandering in my own head (I do that a lot to feel kind of “travelly” when I actually can’t travel) about how I want to write more but I also want to make sure I take advantage of every opportunity and read ALL the books and go to ALL the places and do ALL the things I want to do, but also stay home, watch “Friends” for the 100th time and just forget that whole “be productive” idea. As I ridiculed myself for my lack of organization skills and how many people can find the time & energy to do all of that just by being more disciplined, a thought popped into my head: “what are you talking about? These are NOT real problems. Be grateful you can even think of doing all those things” Stability (emotional, physical and economic obviously) is often the driver for personal growth, you know that whole Maslow’s pyramid crap they told us in the 1st year if business school, about “meet basic needs first, then move up the pyramid until you get to “self-actualization”? That stuff does make sense. And I don’t express my gratitude for stability in this life that allows me to do this whole “be creative, be adventurous, stop worrying about how you spend your days” thing.
  • Music. It is soul-enriching, isn’t it? I listen to it nearly non-stop for multiple hours each day and have lately become more and more grateful for people that share their musical talents, when it’s good of course! A definite mood boost!
  • Coffee. OK this one I HAD to mention, I mean I’m REALLY thankful for it! The aroma, the taste, the smell. Coffee is actually a hug in a cup. I never expected to be one of those people that so fervently sung the praises of coffee, but I really do look forward to it every morning…and afternoon, okay may be I need help 🙂
  • My health. And my immediate family’s health. My mom works as a nurse and simply hearing her talk about her patients every now and then is a reality check and a reminder to do the best job I possibly can to take care of my body (which we don’t do that much) and to thank god that my loved ones are in good health (for the most part).

But probably the thing that I was the most thankful for last year is to have people that actually read my stuff, take time to send me emails, people I don’t even know sharing with me their thoughts and feedbacks and without even having to pay them to do that! Crazy isn’t?! Well I initially planned a budget to pay people in case they didn’t want to read my blog but lucky for me I didn’t have to. So thank you for allowing me to save on a monthly “read my blog” fee, you guys are the best!

Cheers to the places we yet have to go to!

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