Travellista pick: 6 types of travellers I’ve already killed twice… in my head

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No matter where in the world we go, there will always be an exciting & different group of travelers on a journey with us, mostly ones we meet on the road and with whom we either share 5 minutes conversations or lifetime friendships. One of the bright sides about travelling is making us block out the usual inhibitions and start conversations with complete strangers, which is great!


Since I’ve been telling you everything about my life for 5 months now (okay not everything), you might’ve guessed where I’m going with this (or not…). Thing is, sometimes travelling tends to bring out some very “special” types of “less nice” people as you’re not going to like every person you talk to, and you’re probably going to chat with someone who annoys you big time. So, here is a compilation of the most annoying people I’ve met so far while travelling. I’m not going to tell you how to deal with them though, you’ll have to figure that out by yourselves, I’m not going to do all the work for you!

  • The annoying interviewer, AKA the “why are women that oppressed in your countries?” traveler. Okay, this is the most irritating one. As soon as he/she sees you and obviously happens to guess where you come from, starts this interview he/she just watched in the last CNN talk show about Arabs; “Are you forced to wear “that thing” on your head?” or “you’re Muslim? So your parents are going to arrange your marriage?” At first, you try to answer the questions as nicely as possible since you assume that it’s good to try to correct some stereotypes, then things get a little bit exasperating, in that case Headphones and faking sleep are the only real solutions.
  • The “lovesick” traveler, AKA the “I miss her/him so much “traveler: This one can be either adorable to listen to or extremely annoying, depends on how much romantic you can get. So while you’re trying to make a conversation, you ask a very harmless question about her/his life partner And that’s when the monologue from the most heartbreaking love movies starts, about how it is difficult to travel without his significant other, how much he/she misses her/him and how much everything he does during this trip would be better with him/her, the next thing you know, you become his/her holiday shrink (I would be very rich by now if I had asked for my fees by the way!).
  • The complainer, AKA the “Been there, hated it” Traveler: this one has been to every place in the world, and hated every one of them! Nothing is good enough for him/her, the bed in the hotel room is horrible, and the food is awful. The big issue with those people is that they love to remind you that this would never happen in the country they come from. Hanging out with this traveler is probably going to ruin the whole experience for you.
  • The romantics, AKA the “eternal honey-mooners: They might be newlyweds on their honey moon, an old married couple revitalizing their fires with a romantic adventure or a new couple celebrating its 6 months anniversary (true story). They will try by all means to remind you every 10 minutes how much they love each other, and by the 3rd day you probably already know the whole “how they met” story which is always “a funny story”!
  • The “bad parents”, AKA the ones with the wild kids running and screaming everywhere: these guys are sitting there talking, laughing or sleeping while their kids are tearing the place down, you might be thinking that I’m exaggerating a little bit on this one, but if you have witnessed a kid running around the airplane aisle and screaming for 2 hours, while you’re trying to sleep during your flight to avoid wasting 4 hours from your trip sleeping at the hotel instead of going out, you probably know what I’m talking about. Well the good news is that you’re only going to deal with the kid for 2 hours, and that’s when you start feeling bad for the parents.
  • The guy/girl from home, AKA the “I can’t believe we’ve never met in Casa before” traveler: So you travel thousands of miles to get away from home, from Casablanca, from Morocco to see new places and meet new people, only to bump into someone who happens to live in the same city, goes to the same places and probably knows the same people you know. The worst part is that they only want to talk about home and who you know or don’t know and try to understand how you’ve never met before back home, while you only want to forget about everything for a week!

Of course, these people can be irritating, and you probably think about killing them (or yourself, depending on how you see things), but they definitely give you nice and funny post-vacation stories that you can tell your friends, or write a blog post about 😉

Cheers to the places we yet have to go to!

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