On turning 27 (Part 2)


Well I still haven’t received any checks yet, and we are the D-day…But I know that the delay is probably due to the post service slow delivery 😉

So if you were dying to read the 2nd part of my 27 life lessons, now you can sleep in peace ; here it is:

14- Do what YOU want not what he/she/they want for you.  Asking people for their opinion is good, but they’re not in your shoes and no one else but you does know what you really want, and sometimes even you don’t know what you want, so how will others know? Logic people!

15- It’s essential to take a break from time to time. Sometimes the best thing to do is stop, pause and let life happen. I spent a big part of my young adult life trying a lot harder than I could at different levels while I forgot to actually LIVE life, now I believe that we don’t need to try so damn hard ALL the time!

16- You are enough. Period.  And if someone doesn’t think you are then refer to points 2 & 3 in the first part 😉

17- How you feel is very important. Sometimes it’s even much more important than what you look like or actually what you think you look like.

18- Be proud of who you are. Sometimes in order to be more accepted in a certain group which we perceive as more “cool”, we tend to try to change ourselves into someone else, that we think is more likeable that our own self. As I’ve gotten older, I realized that things such as appearance, roots or family name will always be important in our society (unfortunately), but I’ve gotten to the point that for me what matters the most is to stick to who I am.

19-A smile goes a long way. Do everything with a smile. If you ask for something, ask with a smile. If you see someone walk by you and you make eye contact, smile (Nope that’s not creepy!). How great did it feel when a cute girl or guy smiled at you? I smile a lot in my life, and trust me the world actually seems a much better place when people smile.

20-You can’t please everyone. Take for example a great meal at your favorite restaurant. You love it, your friends and family love it, but there are people who have been there and say it’s nothing special, and no matter how hard the restaurant owner will try to change things around, the meal will still remain unchanged.  Same case for you, don’t try so hard to please everyone, you never will.

21- “Change is gonna come”. People change constantly; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, and they also learn a lot in the process, so never stop experiencing, never stop learning, and never stop growing.

22- Taking the time you need is healthy. You will have keys that fit other people’s locks and other people will have keys that fit your locks. It’s okay to build a wall around your heart, just make sure you have doors with locks.

23- Chase goals, not people. Leave your house in the morning and go out with goals in mind first, before  finding someone worth realizing them with 🙂

24- We are better than we think we are. We usually don’t give ourselves enough credit for our talents and abilities. What we create might only be 80% in our minds but may be 150% to other people.

25- Learn to appreciate the small things. The cool side of the pillow, laughing at my favorite silly movie with my sister (“anchorman” makes no sense and I still watch it every single time!), finding 50dhs in an old pair of pants, a “have a good day” kiss from my dad every morning, a nice text from someone I love… We have to enjoy the small things we take for granted. They are life’s little gifts to us.

26- We will fail. That doesn’t mean we’ll always fail but sometimes we will and it’s not as bad as it might seem. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve failed, we just have to be right once. I’m not sure who said that, wait is this even a famous quote? I don’t know..

27- Travel! the world is full of an unlimited number of gorgeous places that are just waiting for us to go discover 🙂

Today I’m Ingrid Bergman’s age in Casablanca :Old enough not to give up everything but young enough to want to. Today I’m club27’s suicidal enough to tell myself let me open my heart and see what happens, I might suffer, I might destroy it but at least I will know.. (I personally think they all wanted to know what’s in the other side!). Okay may be this club27 thing will take sometime, I like myself too much to commit emotional suicides 😉

cheers to the places we yet have to go to!

2 thoughts on “On turning 27 (Part 2)

  1. Hello my dear. I loved your article.it was deep.funny.interessting …what I’ve appreciate most are point2&19 .I felt like it’s a thing that I should do more often…anyway I wish u best of luck 🙂 🙂


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